Velvet Shoe Care Tips

At Aristocrats Luxury, our velvet shoes are handcrafted with 100% velvet with attention to details.

To clean stains, dust and dirt from your velvet shoe,

1) Gently and carefully brush off dust and dirt on the upper part with a clean cotton cloth because any traces of dirt can mark the shoe while polishing.

2) Fill a glass with 1/3 of cold water and pour three caps of the velvet protectant lotion. Wet a small brush with the lotion and brush the upper with gentle but firm movements. then rinse the brush bristles with water and brush the upper again. After the treatment with the protectant lotion, fill the shoes with paper towels to retain the shape and absorb any moisture excess.

3) Leave the shoes in the open air (if possible) for six hours until they are completely dry and complete the process gently caressing the velvet with a clean cotton cloth to revitalize the original texture while holding the shoe by the heel.


Leather Shoe Care Tips

Take care of your 100% leather shoes using the following directions: 

1)  Remove all laces and embellishments if your leather shoe has any f that and keep them aside to be cleaned separately.

2) With a lot of precision, gently remove all dust and dirt using the horsehair brush. Do this to avoid dirt traces that can mark the shoe while polishing.

3) With a soft cotton cloth, use your middle and index fingers and apply your leather protector cream sparingly in different areas of the shoes Athen spread it evenly over the entire upper. Make sure tonot apply it on leather or rubber soles.

4) Leave the cream to be  absorbed for three minutes then hold the shoe by the heel and brush the upper with your polishing brush.Brush animatedly from the back to the tip.

5)  With a clean cotton cloth and using your middle and index fingers, apply two coats of pate on the entire upper and massage the leather to nourish and protect the leather then polish.